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Meet The Guerns

Look up stoic in the dictionary, this is what you'll see.

Quincy De Sausmarez:
Ah Quincy, there aren’t any words that will do this man justice, but we’ll do our best.

Quincy founded The Guern way back in 1896, which makes us the oldest publication in the Bailiwck.

Known around the office for his thunderous voice and penchant for elaborate practical jokes, we all hope Quincy will be here for many years to come.

As for likes and dislikes, Mr De Sausmarz hates metric measurements, and loves listening to recordings of The Archers on his portable cassette player.

Ozzy Ozanne:
Ozzy started his writing career at the tender age of six, writing a thrilling compendium on the politics of primary school.

Since then, Ozzy has spent time in prison for hedge veg thievery, travelled the seven seas on the hunt for missing treasure, and rescued a family of refugees from Alderney who attempted to make the trip to Guernsey nestled inside a barrel.

He likes long walks on the beach, and dislikes noisy children.

Lisa Le Moigne:
Perpetually overwhelmed, Lisa didn’t see the light of day until she turned 17, which her parents put down to a mix-up of medical records the day after her birth.

Because of that, she has a childlike sense of wonder at the world which led to her interest in current affairs.

She says she wants to uncover every bit of gossip the Guernsey elite try to hide.

Lisa is a big fan of microwave ready meals, and hates having her photo taken – despite having been a broadcast journalist for close to a decade.

Cordelia Elizabeth Gaudion-Grut:
With a name so long it doesn’t even fit on her passport, Cordelia Elizabeth is the scourge of people who design paper forms.

If it wasn’t for her warm and sunny disposition she’d be universally unemployable.

She doesn’t have much life experience and is primarily only in the job because daddy forced her to go to work.

Likes: horses, money
Dislikes: working

Maurice Charpentier:
A retired police dog, Maurice simply has the nose for news – and at eight years old, he is both the oldest and youngest member of the team, when dog years are taken into account.

He hung up his gun and his badge after the De La Pouss crime family put a £50,000 price on his head just days after their tomato fencing operation was blown wide open.

When he’s not writing thrilling stories, he likes chasing cars and having his tummy scratched.