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Giant Flaming Dog Captured After Extended Chase

The rare kaiju retriever was brought to justice earlier this evening after a long chase across Vale common.

The whole island was shook. 

Authorities were able to bring it down using an 18-pound stuffed duck, two fire engines, and correct use of a lead. 

Dogs will now be required to be on a lead and properly extinguished before walking on the common. 

“Dogs running loose is the kind of new age nonsense this island needs less of,” commented one deputy while stroking his cat. 

Dogging is still discouraged but not officially banned.

A sign will be installed.

This is the second giant assault in as many weeks after an eighteen-foot flasher showed the police station most, if not all, of his penis.

“I wouldn’t call it giant. I’ve seen bigger,” Officer Craig Le Toquqe commented. 

“Somewhere between an Attack on Titan and a BFG.”

Godzilla has returned to his lair in the ocean’s depths now that this challenger to his supremacy has been kennelled. 

Devastation was minimal.

Images respectfully and hilariously borrowed from Bailiwick Express.

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