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Lyndonspircacy: 2 Fast 2 Lyndons

Both Channel Islands that matter are soon to be run exclusively by Lyndons.  

This comes after a suspiciously timed pro-Lyndon coup which happened earlier this year.

Lyndon Trott will be Guernsey’s chief minister while Lyndon Farnham will have to govern that other one.

This new Lyndonarchy is a system of government not unlike the Roman consul system, but where two Lyndons sit in power for a specified term.

The two Bailiwicks will join together under a single jurisdiction known as The Archipelyndon.

Residents of both islands will now be able to refer to themselves as Lyndoners or Lyndonites.

“It’s like 1984!” said everyone about everything over the last 5 years.

John Gollop, recovering from a recent mayonnaise pocket explosion, commented:

“We need our thinking hats on here and there is nothing cuddly about a two-Lyndon system.”

“I’m all for a more Lyndon-forward government,” said Lydon Le Billion, who has been a practicing Lyndon since birth.

States council meetings will be held at the Lyndon House pub biweekly or biweekly, depending on the football season.

Outgoing Chief Minister for Jersey, Kristina Moore, after the vote of no confidence described it as an “appalling day”, second only to standing on a piece of Lego. 

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