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States repossess farms and gardens to build new houses in St Sampsons

The States plan on making St Sampsons into one large housing development, with the last blade of grass being dismantled today.

Farms, gardens and even beaches have been requisitioned by the States of Guernsey as they seek to build an extra 3,000 homes in the area.

A spokesman for Environment and Infrastructure, Tim Le Tocq, said it was a vital scheme.

“We’re running out of houses for landlords to fleece people with, so we’re looking to flood the market,” he explained.

“We picture a concrete jungle of high-rent, low-space and scenery-free utilitarian homing blocks.”

St Sampsons mainstay, Debra De La Haye, said she was distraught.

“We’ll fight them – we formed St Sampsons People Against Forced Fascism,” she told us.

“I mean they took my garden.

“Did they have to salt the earth so nothing would ever grow again?”

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