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Horses to require number plates from Monday

Guernsey horses will require number plates on island roads starting from Monday.

This follows a successful pilot program in Sark, where locals are said to be delighted at the opportunity to identify horses with ease, no matter which way they are facing

States Traffic head of vehicle taxation Martin Le Pellier suggests that this is a good move for all road users.

“They take up as much space as a car, if not more, and they cause just as many snarl-ups as any other mode of transportation.”

It’s not all doom-and-gloom, however, as the traffic team have revealed the second side to this particular coin

“Horses are just as much a car as any car, they should pay just as such.

“Of course, the added responsibilities of horse-vehicles also confer additional rights,” explained Mr Le Pellier.

“Horses will now be permitted in car parking spaces in all island car parks, including disc zones – however a correctly-set parking clock must be clearly displayed above the horse’s face.”

The registration marks must be displayed on both the front and back of the animal and the department has announced that further traffic laws will also apply to horses.

Any horse transportation will be required by law to follow all traffic speed zones and will be required to travel at no less than 25mph in permitted zones, in an effort to reduce slow-downs.

“We’re especially proud of the speed limit change, which will really help to combat the horse-driver, car-driver feud that has plagued our lovely little island over the past decades,” said Claire Le Poidevin, assistant to the head of vehicle taxation.

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