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Cars finally legalised in St Pierre Du Bois

Residents in St Pierre Du Bois can take a giant leap into the 20th century from next month.

Constables in the parish have finally agreed to allow the petrol-engined motor car to traverse its roads from April 1.

Errol Le Flocq, chief constable for the time-warped parish, told The Guern its century-long feasibility study had finally been completed.

“We wanted to ensure that our parishioners would be safe from the menace of these steel horses,” he explained.

“One minute it’s peace and tranquility, the next you have a hoodlum careering past your allotment at speeds approaching 15 miles per hour – ungodly speed for God’s own parish”

It isn’t immediately clear how motor vehicles had evaded the parish in the intervening years since they first arrived on these shores in the 1920s.

Liz De La Mare, a St Pierre du Bois native, is hoping to purchase a car to go on her holidays to the north.

“It’s been a long long time since I went to St Saviour’s, let alone anywhere further afield like town or Braye du Valle – tell me, is the bridge still there or will we need to ferry across?

“I’m looking forward to going to meet up with some long lost friends who moved to St Sampson’s 30 years ago. I hope they still remember me and Bob.”

At first availability is expected to be limited to the Ford Model T, or the Benz Motor Wagen, with more modern motors and safety features being introduced at a later date.

A horse cull will be enacted from April 2 as the parish prepares for an over-abundance of the animals.

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