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Overweight child misses bus, ‘school to blame’ claims mother

Complaining about anything is something Carol Baudins enjoys on the daily, but yesterday her outrage hit a new level.

At approximately 07:35, her tubby son Luke missed his school bus.

“I’m furious at the school. AND the buses!” Carol explained.

“Why didn’t those stupid idiots wait for him? He was going as fast as he could.”

Luke, who weighs 12 stone – and is 8 – was leaving the house when Carol offered another ‘cupple slice o bacon’, leading to a 3 minute delay in his morning routine.

By the time he had left the house to walk up the road, the bus was pulling away.

“I’ve rung the school and they told me to bring him in and his teachers will catch him up with the work he’s missed.

“Told ’em to get stuffed.”

Luke declined to comment but did mention that he doesn’t regret the extra bacon and will be having the same tomorrow.

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