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Condor hail unprecedented passenger satisfaction levels

Condor bosses are hailing unprecedented customer satisfaction over the past four months.

Their staff have recorded zero complaints from passengers regarding sailing conditions on the Condor Liberation since March.

Lorna Le Patourel, the ferry operator’s spokesperson, says they would ordinarily have fielded thousands of such complaints in any other year.

“The Liberation has been a victim of unfair reporting since it came into service, we’re delighted it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves.

“No complaints is good press, as they say.

“The huge drop-off in complaints is due to our success rate over the past few months. While our 2019 successful sailings was around 19%, in 2020 we’re at 100%!”

Statisticians confirm that of their zero sailings in 2020, Condor have a 100% success rate.

“It really is remarkable when you consider just how long customers have been asking for better service, and well, here we are.”

Tony Baudains, a regular Condor complainant, said the company should still be concerned.

“Fine, they’ve done alright the past few months,” he explained.

“But the service is usually crap so wouldn’t be surprised when the complaints start coming in again. Have you ever tried the food? Check the Facebook groups.”

While it’s unfortunate the company has seen a low output due to recent events, abysmal service is set to resume later this year.

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