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Aurigny to accept heirlooms as payment for flights

Islander’s airline Aurigny will now accept family heirlooms as payment for flights.

The concession comes as locals and visitors alike begin to feel the pinch over excessive pricing on short flights.

“We’re doing our customers a favour if you think about it – giving them almost cash-free flights and freeing up space in their pokey little houses,” said Martin De Carteret, the airline’s commercial director.

“As we push our price points higher, we have to find more versatile ways to take payment.

“We had the great idea to take valuable trinkets from people which we can raffle off at the Christmas party, or sell at auction.”

Travelling pauper, Janine Tostevin, said she was going to get rid of some of her great-grandfather’s possessions to pay for her next trip.

“I was just going to chuck his war medals in the bin,” she admitted.

“I’ve got a week in Marbella coming up and I couldn’t afford the 40 minute flight to Gatwick so I raided my wardrobe and found these dusty old things.

“Aurigny said they’d take it plus a cash payment of £100, so really I’m quids-in.”

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