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Air display utterly ruined by Jersey-shaped cloud

A cloud in the shape of Jersey invaded Guernsey airspace yesterday, ruining the air show for many.

Gleeful spectators raised their chins to the heavens, only to have their expectations bitterly subverted.

Tens of anguished Guerns then lifted their fists to the sky in protest, as the errant cloud showed its disloyal face.

Mother of 12, Debra De Bois, described the visible mass of liquid as “in very poor taste”.

“I took the week off for the air display and for what?” one concerned man questioned.

“Supposed to be a lovely day out.

“I’m really quite shocked.”

“Don’t they know today was supposed to be about our Guernsey boys who died in the war?” asked Tomato historian Dec Le Page.

“One day that’s ours without any crapuad interference or PC nonsense.”

St John’s Ambulance members were called in to treat cases of shock, glumness, and confusion.

Whether a violent riot will ensue remains unclear.

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