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Bailiwick Express hoping to go out of business with new print efforts

Recycling bins in the island are full to overflowing following the publication of the latest free newspaper.

Keen to avoid a visit from Tertiary Waste and Transportation, islanders have been trying to recycle the printed edition of Bailiwick Express since last week.

“I can’t find a single recycling bin that isn’t already overflowing with this wannabe Globe,” said Tina De Bourgonaire .

“I never asked for this, and I can’t be dealing with the added stress it’s putting on my weekly recycling allowance.

“I used to take the Globe out of pity, and I was very glad when that died a death – I truly thought I’d seen the end of free weekly papers in Guernsey.”

Mrs De Bourgonaire said she was reaching the end of her tether searching for a place to dump her printed media.

“I don’t have time to be dealing with the added stress to be honest – I’m about to open up a new shop in town called HereBay,” she explained.

“It’s like eBay, but it’s actually there and you can go in and see what’s there and then make an offer.”

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