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Channel Islands cinematic universe in the works

Producers look set to launch a Potato Peel Pie sequel in an effort to challenge DC Comics.

Greenhouse Production Studio has taken up the project with hopes for a Hedge-vegers team-up film predicted next year.

It has been confirmed the whole film will be shot in California, with Bryan Singer in talks to molest.

Travis Gibbs, a screenwriter working closely with producers on the broader strokes of the Cinematic Universe said it was high-time Guernsey got itself in on the action.

“We really want to use some of the lesser known heroes from the source material – Captain Herm, The Fairy Ring, Louis Le Page and the Foulon Boys – there’s a lot to explore,” he explained.

“If you’re not a universe these days, what are you?”

Despite being shot away from the island, the film WILL be directed by a local woman.

Jill Gill-Guille has accepted an offer thought to be in the region of £98 and a £10 voucher for Miss Nob to take on the movie.

“I’ve never made anything in my life so it was quite a shock to find out they wanted me to take the helm on this one.

“The fee is so large, I’m quite worried I’ll mess it all up.”

Writers at The Guern were unsure if Gill-Guille had been made aware of the closure of Miss Nob some four years earlier.

2 Pies 2 Peel is expected in cinemas in the later part of 2020.

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