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Footes Lane to be turned into Robot Wars Arena

Footes Lane athletics ground is going to be turned into a Robot Wars arena.

The move comes following declining attendance at sporting events over the last decade.

House robots will include .50 Cal Des Terres, Albert Fear, and Beanjargonaut.

It was hoped fan-favourite Sir Killalot might return, but he’s currently serving 12 years for a mob hit. Shunt remains at large.

Julie Le Prevost, the manager of Footes Lane’s sporting venue, says she’s excited for the change.

“I’m a big fan of Corrie so to have Craig Charles on my doorstep is going to be so wonderful.

“I’ve heard .50 Cal Des Terres is a fearsome bot. As the name implies he has a .50 calibre machine gun attached so we’re going to have to undertake some safety measures for the spectators on the Garenne Stand.”

Steve Ferbrache, the builder of Albert Fear, says he’s looking forward to pitting his robot against others.

“Albert is a stunning bit of machinery. He’s got two axes and a smoke unit that burns old engine oil out of my truck, so I wouldn’t recommend breathing it in.”

Farmer Keith De Garis has already been blackballed from entry after attempting to submit a 1998 Rover Metro with a shotgun on the passenger seat.

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