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Guernsey cow stripped of award amid doping scandal

An award-winning Guernsey cow is to be stripped of its accolades after being convicted of doping.

Penelope, a 10-year-old show cow, won the Gold Trough at the 2012 Frome Cattle and Agricultural show.

Suspicions were raised when guest-judge and bodybuilder Armie Davies suggested, “that bitch dope-swole.”

The disgraced Penelope said she was devastated at the news.

“I didn’t know my pasture had been touched, I don’t even have thumbs so I don’t see why I should be punished for the farmer’s mistake,” she said.

“I do my best, I eat about eight kilograms of hay a day to keep my weight down, I sleep well… It’s just not fair.”

John Drummond, the president of the Frome show, said doping was unacceptable.

“It takes away from all that this show stands for, we stand for humane slaughtering, creamy milky, and drug-free cattle.

“If we wanted to award prizes for who can get the best drugs we’d go to a housing estate in London, but we’re here in Somerset where the air is pure and the livestock remain – mostly – unadulterated.

“It’s been a long process, and it was a hard decision to take, but it was the right decision too and I hope Penelope can get her life back on track.”

Bessie, the second-place cow from the 2012 show was slaughtered for beef in 2015, however organisers have posthumously awarded her the much coveted prize instead.

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