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Jersey pizzeria owners shocked to take second in Fire of the Week

Losing your livelihood to a fire is a devastating thing, but two St Helier residents had insult added to injury when they placed second in Cor La Magazine’s Fire of the Week contest.

The fire at Romana Pizzeria in St Helier’s York Street left the owners shaken, firefighters exhausted and stoners very hungry.

Representatives of the Notre-Dame Cathedral were also shocked to learn they had placed third in the contest.

Fire of the Week was of course won by the greenhouse in Rue des Pointes, Guernsey on Monday.

“Years of religious history and tourism’s one thing, but damaging our local infrastructure is quite serious,” a shaken greenhouse owner claimed.

The greenhouse fire is thought to have been caused by a local resident disposing of lit cannabis cigarettes (AKA “Scooby doobs”) in their black rubbish bag.

Tertiary Waste and Transport were contacted for comment.

“We quickly discovered and reported the fire, as is procedure,” a representative said.

“But, we did also leave the bag where it was as it set everything around it ablaze, due to it not having the correct stickers.

“As is procedure.”

Deputy Bob Dow approached The Guern to comment.

“This kind of green fire from cannabis could consume us all. I’ve seen Game of Thrones!”

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