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Lego announce Guernsey playsets

After the recall of Power Toys’ Guernsey States series of action figures, some thought it would be years until another Guernsey-based toy would hit the shelves.

However, it seems toy developers have not overlooked Guernsey’s potential as an untapped source of inspiration.

Colourful, lifelike, detailed, assembly-based toy company, “LEGO”, are set to release a new series of their patented build-it-yourself from small pieces of plastic toys, based on Guernsey.

Some of the island’s iconic sites such as Jeffrey’s and that cow will be available in the first run.

There’s even a Cobo beach with zero assembly requirement; fun for the whole family.

“I’m not really into the big franchise-based LEGO, I’m just waiting on my cow,” 9-year-old toy reviewer Zack told us.

“Next, I want a Santana and my very own Jorge.”

Sources close to LEGO told The Guern that Zack may just get his wish, come Christmastime.

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