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Original Barbados floor revealed

The original floor of the former Barbados night club has been revealed, six weeks after the popular venue closed for the final time.

After crowbarring through a solidified layer of Jägermeister, hair extensions and polos shirts, the excavators made a startling discovery: a pristine marble floor. 

Historian Tanya Le Cras was called in as soon as the marble was found.

“It’s really important we protect the area from further abuse and degradation.

“This flooring looks like early Italian craftsmanship, so we could be looking at some really fabulous work here.”

Tim Le Tocq, a former patron of the club, said he wasn’t fussed.

“I just miss the fishbowls and Mr Brightside on the stereo really.”

Among the expected treasures of pound notes and earrings, a surprise cache of Roman coins was found, obscured by discarded flyers from New Year’s Eve 1999.

Experts believe the value of those coins alone would have kept the doors open for at least the next 20 years.

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