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Le Page complains to app developers after multiple Tinder matches from own family

A Guernseyman has complained to app developers after his last 15 Tinder matches were from within his own family.

23-year-old Dan Le Page, who doesn’t talk to others, socialise or leave the house, often complains to his friends that nice guys like him can’t find the one.

The final straw for perpetually single Mr Le Page came two nights ago.

“I was sat on my sofa with a garlic bread and a can of Pringles watching reruns of The Weakest Link and I thought ‘this is it for me’,” complained Mr Le Page.

“I can’t afford to go out because it costs 80 quid for a drink these days, so I’ve been swiping left and right trying to find a match.

“Unfortunately, because this is Guernsey, every girl I matched with turned out to be one of my cousins, and it’s just not fair.

“This isn’t Sark, there has to be someone out there for me.”

Chelsea Le Page, Dan’s second cousin on his father’s side, said the only reason she matched with him was because she thought he was a different Dan Le Page.

“Yeah I went to school with a Dan Le Page, he was quite fit at the time and it’s a bit of a dry spell for me so I figured I’d give him a swipe.

“Turns out he wasn’t from the Castel Le Pages but from Forest, so now I look a bit weird really.”

Developers from the Tinder team have not responded to a request for comment.

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