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Speed-freak cyclist sentenced for hitting 28mph on electric bicycle

Forty-five-year-old Victor Le Lacheur has appeared in court in Guernsey today, for speeding on a free electric bicycle.

Mr Le Lacheur was arrested by Guernsey Police officers last Sunday afternoon after a brief resistance.

Four police cars, two vans, and a wealth of weaponry followed the cyclist before surrounding the bike and ramming Mr Le Lacheur to the ground.

Mr Le Lacheur had participated in the local electric bike subsidy scheme and was subsequently caught riding at 28 mph in the 25 mph zone on Les Val Des Terres.

The defendant was breathalysed but no traces of alcohol were found. The police then accused him of taking drugs, despite a lack of evidence.

In court Mr Le Lacheur was found guilty of both counts of speeding and drug abuse and was ordered to pay the £1,000 he saved abusing the states scheme and complete 300 hours of community service.

Sources tell us this will involve washing the Guernsey Police cars, potentially scrubbing off his own blood.

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