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Trident Captain so pissed he went around Sark to get to Herm

The old song about a drunken sailor came true this past week as Guernsey’s Trident Captain was arrested for being drunk in charge.

Captain Bob De Blondel has been ferrying people to Herm for the past thirty years, racking up an impressive 2800 miles at the helm. 

This impressive record has come to a dramatic end.

Captain De Blondel drank a reported sixteen bottles of Bulmers and a daiquiri, before attempting a joy-sail to Herm. 

He stole the boat outside of his working hours in order to impress a pair of “barrel-fish” he had met in the De La Rue. 

Inebriated and hatless, he proceeded to steer the boat so far out of his way he had to sail around Sark just to get to Herm. 

The Herm constable was called ahead of time and arrived to meet Captain De Blondel on a lawn mower. 

The captain was promptly taken up the hill in a trailer.

He has been charged with being drunk in charge of a vehicle and for speeding at 12 knots in a school of fish.

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