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Guernsey swastika lane network revealed, traffic department silent

An aerial survey of the island has revealed that a series of roads and lanes resemble a Swastika.

The network is believed to link German installations together across the island and has left the surveyors rather befuddled, with questions being raised over how everyone could have overlooked this clear as day Swastika for the past 70 years.

Lynn Carre, a local historian, said she was staggered to have the Swastika pointed out to her, despite it looking her dead in the face during her 40 year career.

“He just circled it on my maps dating back to the 40s and there it was, an ancient symbol of well-being.

“No idea how I didn’t see it before, but I try not to focus on negative signs.”

Several of the surveyors reported that they found entrances to underground tunnels believed to have been used by the Nazis during their residence here.

Local politician Kevin Sebire pondered opening an investigation into a possible cover-up.

“This could help me get re-elected.”

While the States traffic department declined to comment on the symbol issue, a representative did respond to our queries:

“Interestingly enough the speed limit on those roads are all way over what they should be. We’ll be reducing to 25.”

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