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Little Chapel to become largest place of worship in the Channel Islands

The Little Chapel is to expand in the next year and become the largest place of worship in the Channel Islands. 

Having grown tired of patch-up repairs, the custodians of the tiny church say they will build a new superstructure over the existing building.

They say the new chapel will be able to hold 3,000 worshipers in one sitting.

Sheila Le Boutillier, the custodian of the chapel, says it’s not making money in its present state.

“We all love the Little Chapel, but we’ve come up with a radical new idea that will encourage worshipers of all faiths to congregate here and speak with any and all of their Gods.

“Rebrands are all the rage in this go-go technology world. 

“People want everything bigger and better and right now and technology has quickly replaced prayer to fulfil this need.

“We think The Massive Chapel will really drive buzz and help us bring in those social media clicks to keep the place afloat.”

It’s thought the new building will have a state-of-the-art communications network installed to enable famous religious figureheads to give live sermons.

The site will also host 500 guest bedrooms, a spa, and a fair ground.

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