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Preschooler wets self outside clearly signposted bathrooms due to lack of gender

Going to the bathroom is a relatively routine process for most ten-year-olds, but for Blake Renouf his last 10 o’clock urination ended in disaster.

Upon arriving at the bathrooms located by Mrs Le Clerq’s English class, Blake, who has had no prior issues selecting a bathroom, was frozen with fear at the realisation that both bathrooms had different words on the doors.

“And different pictures.”

Blake ended up making a big mess in the corridor.

“I just didn’t know which one to go in because parent one and parent two said I’m not a boy or a girl.”

Objectively born a male, Blake’s parents raised him without a gender in order to gain popularity points on Facebook where they frequently gloat about their inclusivity.

With growing up and learning the ways of the world being harder and more confusing than ever, it’s refreshing that Blake’s parents have decided to force him to feel ostracised from day one.

By depriving him of an identity while he’s not old enough to question them, they’ve really proven to all of Facebook that they know how to parent.

Headteacher of the school, Pierce Queripel-Sarre, suggested the school will be more open and less binary in order to prevent future moistened incidents.

“We will start by opening a bathroom for those who don’t KNOW their gender, and go from there.

“I foresee a school where children are running free without fear of which bathroom to use, no matter which label their parents gave or refused them.”

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