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Quick trip to town enters fourth day as mum sees several school acquaintances

A quick trip to town has entered its fourth day for nine-year-old Lauren Baudains.

Her mum asked if she’d like to ‘pop to town’ last week, but has been unable to return home after a continuing stream of past acquaintances bumped into them as they travelled between M & S and Boots.

“She said I could have some sweets if I came with her, but I’ve not even had those yet,” the child claimed.

“It took us an hour just to get to Church Square, one after another, after another.

“Do you have any water?”

Phrases like ‘we’ll only be a minute’ and ‘I’ve got one more shop to go to’ have been offered up almost hourly since early on day two.

Lauren’s mother, Jo, seemed oblivious to her daughter’s discomfort.

“So good to catch up and get out of that house for a bit,’ she said.

“I only needed to get a CD for dad’s birthday, but I’ve missed it, it was yesterday,

“Still a lovely day out.”

Mrs Baudains spoke to the Guern for an additional hour, twelve minutes and forty-two seconds before an old school friend mercifully diverted her attention.

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