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That one guy who shagged a horse still a fun Guernsey story

A bizarre tale still ignites laughter over a few beers after work, some locals have confirmed.

Local man Perry De Heaume suddenly realised the potential offered by new colleague, David Jones, who recently moved to the island.

“Then you won’t have heard,” Perry was heard saying, clearly excited.

He reportedly rubbed his hands together before beginning the tale of Leeroy Le Gallais, that one guy over here who shagged a horse.

“It wasn’t even his own horse!” Perry concluded, to a small crowd that had gathered.

An oldy but a goldie, it’s proven the legend can still make any mainlander’s eyebrows rise, and turn the occasional stomach.

It even gets a chuckle from locals who’ve heard the story of casual beastiality since childhood.

Reports indicate the night out concluded with a meat draw and many blatant lies to old school friends to catch up soon.

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