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Well-dressed, confident 9-year-old sends teacher to stand outside until the end of class

A local schoolboy has sent his teacher to stand outside and think about what he did.

We spoke to sources at Hautes Capelles Primary about ‘proper legend’, Blaine Le Cheminant.

30-year Year 4 teacher, Rod Rabey, said he can’t explain it.

“Blaine was telling his little friends about bitcoin and I raised my voice a little,” recalled the shaken teacher.

“Next thing I know he says ‘why don’t you stand outside and think about what you did’ and I did.”

Mr Rabey took a week to collect himself then returned to work.

“There’s just something about Blaine,” said an anonymous schoolgirl.

“Blaine’s leather jacket is older than he is, that’s hot,” quipped another anonymous admirer.

The caretaker, Steve De Bois, spoke to us on his approved cigarette break.

“Blaine’s the king. I mean, if this kid’s eating lunchables, every kid wants lunchables,” he explained.

“He wants to bring back beyblades, you know beyblades are coming back.

“The rise and fall of fidget spinners – all Blaine. Kid’s a god.”

Blaine himself was unavailable for comment, due to basketball or band practise – sources were unclear.

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