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Woman apologises for being late, colleagues remain furious

A woman’s work colleagues have remained furious, despite her apologies for arriving late for the third day in a row.

Karen Le Tissier walked in to her Admiral Park office at 9:08am Friday morning, blaming her tardiness on Mont Arrive traffic.

Jacques Pirouet, Miss Le Tissier’s long-standing work colleague, saw straight through it.

“She’s always late and she’s always trying to flog us some tat.

“Last month it was some weird juice diet, God knows what it’ll be tomorrow.”

Miss Le Tissier confided in this Guern reporter that there was actually a different reason for not being on time.

“I just couldn’t be fucked anymore. I don’t want to be a cog in some capitalist machine, being paid peanuts to add to the 0s on some billionaire’s spreadsheet.

“I’m actually handing in my notice on Monday, I’ve just taken up a freelance position as an Avon rep, which will have huge upward potential and I can work from home.

“Take that capitalists.”

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