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Guernsey Police to be militarised in an effort to stop crimes before they happen

The Home Department plans to routinely arm police officers in Guernsey, The Guern can exclusively reveal.

A cache of Desert Eagle pistols, a fleet of tanks, and a year’s supply of hand grenades were stopped this week by the Guernsey Border Agency before being identified by Guernsey Police’s chief officer, Nigel De La Cour.

There is some debate over whether Guernsey’s teachers should be armed to prevent bad behaviour such as throwing rocks, bullying, or crying. 

Brian Le Marquand, a spokesman for the department said, while crime levels in Guernsey were steady, it was important to keep the island in check and remind residents “who’s boss”.

“Our officers have received training from police officers across the Americas, mostly ones who have been fired for excessive force.”

PC Eddie De La Rue has received a few days of training so far and is getting to grips with his new weaponry.

“I hate the scum that plague this island and with this gun and my keen eye for crime I can eliminate any potential threats before they commit an offence.

“All the best shootings have been squashed by officers who had weapons such as this” he said, gesturing to his pistol.

Officers will have to undertake a four-hour course in heavy artillery before being allowed on the roads in Challenger 2 tanks.

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