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Guernsey calls Isle of Man, embarrassed after contracting Serious Travel Infection

Gavin St Pier, Guernsey’s chief minister, had to make an embarrassed call today to the Isle of Man after the contraction of a serious disease.

After the announcement of Guernsey’s first case of Covid-19 since April, doctors said other jurisdictions should be warned, in case they too had been in contact.

Eavesdroppers close-by heard extracts of the phone call.

“I don’t really know how to tell you this, but we’re having to phone everyone we’ve been with,” he was heard to say.

“I know protection isn’t 100% but we only bridged with you; the only other place we’ve been is Southampton but we were safe and wore masks.”

It’s thought the Manx people are keen to keep trying to make the air bridge work – if only for their people.

When asked if he’d immediately pull out, Minister St Pier shook his head, saying it wasn’t an effective method.

Mr St Pier has also had to retract his earlier statement that Jersey was a “thirsty little crown dependency who’d let anyone in untested.”

The reports have raised questions about whether Condor has brought something in and if you can even catch anything through dry docking.

The Guern will continue to report on the second wave as it crests our shores, but if you need to panic ASAP, check out our limited edition Guern face masks here.

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