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Rat Found in Pint of Breda Improves Taste, Launches Trend

An unnamed Bridge pub, discreetly reported as T. Mariners, accidentally served a pint of Breda with a floating rat in it two weeks ago.

To the shock of all present, the mixture of scat, disease, grease, and whatever the rat added to the pint actually improved the flavour.

This event has spawned a new fad, with local establishments adding rats to their own Breda barrels and a number of new rat-themed drinks have blown up in popularity.

The Black Death, a Drowned Rat, and Up a Drainpipe have become popular cocktails at the swankier evening joints, while pubs are selling “Breeder” faster than they can buy it in.

Breda have even changed their iconic radio jingle, to mixed reviews: Gimme the tail, gimme the soul, gimme a Breda.

“Easiest homebrew ingredient ever, I just don’t chuck out my bin for a week,” one pleased moonshiner from up the Vale stated.

Journeyman pub goers are less enthused.

“I’m sick of this fancy stuff. First it was IPAs, then it was sour beers. Now my lager has a rat in it.”

Pub and restaurant name changes trying to keep on trend include:

  • The Ship & Crown & Rat
  • The Cock & Rat
  • Ratty Landings
  • The Randy Rat
  • The Rat Duck
  • Ratannia
  • The Golden Rat
  • The Rat Lion
  • Thomas de la Rat
  • The Ratmount
  • The Rathouse
  • The Dorset Rats
  • The Pickled Rat
  • The Vole Hole
  • Dix Rat
  • Rat Rascal
  • Pier Rat
  • Rat Grill House and Rattail Bar
  • The Rat Garden
  • Trappy Rats
  • The Last Plague
  • Ratto
  • La Ratguette
  • Rodenhagen
  • China Rat
  • La Fleur du Ratboy
  • And seven new The Rat Inns

The Harbour Lights has maintained its name due to an existing ratty ambiance.

Now that the island has become a safe space for rodents, several ex-politicians have seen fit to reveal their part-rat ancestry, which has oft been speculated on.

Rohais Chip Shop served a battered seagull, but whether this was an attempt to spawn a new trend or simply an oversight is unclear at this time.

“All these rats coming to light shows clear evidence of some sort of underground society pulling our strings, baiting the trap with cheese to keep us blind to what’s really going on. Drink your delicious rat Breda, but you’ll be swallowing a pack of lies.” —Matt Le Tissier

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