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Love Shack kebab shows advanced traces of lamb, study claims

Love Shack kebab shows advanced traces of lamb, a recent study claims.

The unexpected finding comes as a result of a two week study where a ‘lamb donner’ kebab was purchased and brought to the lab by a local scientist after a few beers.

Finding 17.4% pure lamb in the donner proved a startling discovery.

“It’s just really lovely to know they’re using quality meat in their product,” commented Troy Blondel, a local connoisseur of takeaway.

“Real coke in the fridge, real garlic in the garlic mayo, and real lamb in the donner, just lovely.”

The scientist, Dr James Jehan, explained his findings.

“At some establishments you just don’t know what’s in that beige cylinder of meat.

“I think it’s important that we sometimes answer questions affecting the everyday lives of ordinary people.”

Dr Jehan’s next study is set to confirm whether an Italian Job pizza has ever actually been ‘piping hot’.

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