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Mt. Washmore: Coronavirus heroes immortalised in stone at reservoir

Guernsey has recognised those who guided the island through the Coronavirus storm with a permanent monument in their honour.

Dr Nicola Brink and deputies Gavin St Pier and Heidi Soulsby have had their likenesses blasted into the side of St Saviour’s Reservoir, carried out by a lone stonemason in a nod to the social distancing measures we have all followed in the past months.

Tim Le Tocq, the master stonemason, who has named his work ‘Mount Washmore’, said it was a difficult task.

“The honour of blasting Gav’s and the two women’s faces into the side of our reservoir really makes me happy that I got to go back to work after coronavirus.

“To my knowledge there is not a single stone monument like this anywhere in the world today, so it’s a pretty astounding feat – if I do say so myself.

“My two workmates were absolutely munched by some homemade explosives as we practiced cutting human faces into rock.”

Mr Le Tocq says he won’t be charging for his labour, however he had fully depleted Guernsey Police’s arsenal of explosives.

Guernsey Water, however, were quick to denounce the plans.

“We laughed when we first read Mr Le Tocq’s request, then we realised he wasn’t joking so had to take measures to ensure protection of the site,” said Guernsey Water spokeswoman Lisa Le Noury.

“Unfortunately, he managed to bypass our sophisticated number plate recognition system by arriving on foot.

“Thankfully the concrete wall held firm, or we would have been in big trouble.”


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