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‘Recycling is a myth’ claims local seagull

A Mont Cuet based seagull has claimed recycling is a myth.

The wild claims come after the island recorded its highest ever recycling rate.

Kevin Le Messurier, a nine-year-old bird, said his home was bigger than ever after building an extension from styrofoam containers.

“I don’t believe the figures brought out by the States of Guernsey,” claimed Mr Le Messurier.

“Years ago it wouldn’t have been possible to even consider building two turrets for my nest, or the large al-fresco swimming area.

“If you lot actually were recycling more, none of this would have ended up blowing around in my back garden.

“One bird’s trash is another bird’s treasure, that’s what my dad always said.”

It’s not clear if the bird sought planning permission before building his styrofoam extensions.

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