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Beau Sejour gym will install Instagram photobooth to meet customer demand

Beau Sejour gym has agreed to install a state-of-the-art Instagram selfie booth complete with lighting, mirror and chest-moistening facilities.

The radical change comes after an overwhelming number of requests from gym patrons.

“Three sets of eight selfies should bulk any profile,” local beefboy Lance Le Pelley told us.

“It’s like quantum theory right: I always say, ‘if no one sees you doing something, is it even worth doing?’

“If you’re two days into bulking and no one knows, you’ve gained nothing.”

Gym manager Toby Queripel-Jones spoke to us about the new equipment.

“It’s about getting your bod out there and really jamming your progress in everyone’s unwilling face,” Mr Queripel-Jones confirmed.

“We’re also selling maracas to put in shakers so everyone can really hear it when you walk into the office, shaking that thing around – they’ll know where you’ve been.

“The old days are over – it’s 50% diet, 30% working out and 30% selfies.”

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