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Aurigny win Airline of the Year award in dramatic eBay bidding war

Aurigny have won the trophy for Airline of the Year in a dramatic eBay sniping war.

The coveted prize had been put up for sale by previous winner Flybe in an effort to keep the airline afloat, though they have since been bought out by Connect Airways.

Aurigny’s head of purchasing, Rodney Fallaize, said he had sweaty palms as the timer ticked down.

“There was some intense bidding and many bluffs called.

“We delayed all our morning flights indefinitely to get all staff on their phones and ready to bid.

“Blue islands kept outbidding us, so I had the boys sell-off some jet fuel under the table to keep us in the race.

“This is our year, I said,” – although the trophy itself is from 2007.

“If we’d gone a penny higher we’d have missed a payment on the new ATRs, so this has worked out very well.”

“Those jet fuel comments were off the record though,” Mr Fallaize later claimed, as though we were an outlet unconcerned with the truth.

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