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Runway expansion cancelled as architects unable to find airport on map

Expansion at Guernsey Airport has been put on hold because architects have been unable to locate the facility on a map.

A construction team from Allez, Sebire, and Simon Builders were due to begin extending the runway and make improvements to the terminal early next year, however it has emerged plans were never drawn up.

An architectural engineering firm from the UK had been drafted in to provide plans for a greatly extended runway and an increased capacity departure lounge – however they were unable to find the airport on Google Maps to get the finer details.

Ernold Le Bachelet, a senior manager at building firm A.S.S. Builders, says it could have been worse.

“You see, we’re pretty good at building local things for local people like it was donkey’s years ago, but when English blokes come over and start telling us what to do and where to go we dig our heels in and generally try and do the opposite.

“If they had managed to finalise plans – or even start them – we’d have been trying to demolish bits of the airport and probably even put a garden on the runway.

“Who knows what would have happened.”

A spokesman from the States Trading Supervisory Board said they hoped to find a replacement firm soon.

“I know a guy, I drink with him at the Rocky every now and then, he reckons he can have it done in an afternoon,” the spokesman claimed.

“He drew me a brief sketch on a betting slip and it looked great.

“The runway would have doubled in length and the terminal was going to triple in capacity, the only materials he needed was a bit of plywood and some sticky back plastic.”

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