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Puffin&Sons Media launch BailiFlicks streaming service

Local media startup Puffin&Sons have announced a new localised streaming service, known as BailiFlicks.

The app, which will soon be available on app stores locally, will host all two television series set on island along with all three movies.

Owner and developer of the streaming service, Mike Le Pellier was thrilled to be unveiling his creation:

“It’s got so much content, people will love it. And it’s just in time for lockdown!”

Puffin&Sons have been unable to acquire The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society movie, but say the movie will be substituted with an episode of Antiques Roadshow which filmed at Saumarez Park.

BailiFlicks is built with the very latest web technology available to Puffin&Sons Media

The service will feature the Potato Peel sequel, 2Pies2Peel and several other favourites from the wider Channel Islands Cinematic Universe including The Hedgevegers and all 23 seasons of Louis Le Page and the Foulon Boys. 

David Attenborough’s Our Island will premiere as a BailiFlicks exclusive. 

While there is tough competition, the developers believe Guerns will choose appropriately for their Saturday night telly, opting for repeats of Bergerac over literally anything else.

“If you’re proud to be a Guern, then you’ll be proud to watch the episodes of Bergerac that were set in Guernsey over any new movie that our competitors offer,” said Mr Le Pellier.

“Why watch the new superhero movie when you can watch 2015’s Warriroress, which filmed at Vazon headland. Why watch Stranger Things when you can watch 1973’s The Blockhouse, set during D-Day?”

BailiFlicks will launch ‘soon’.

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